Get your hands dirty.

Prototype PGH has two locations: our original location at 460 Melwood Ave in Oakland is used for co-working and select equipment use. Our second location in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh Manufacturing Assistance Center in Homewood features state-of-the-art CNC equipment.


460 Melwood Ave

  • BoXZY desktop mill, 3D printer and laser engraver

  • PrintrBot Play (PLA setup)

  • CNC vinyl cutter

  • Soldering irons, Arduino boards

  • Hands tools (screw drivers, hammers, etc)

  • Screen printing equipment

  • Hat press and t-shirt heat press

7800 Susquehanna Street

  • Rabbit industrial laser cutter (80 watt)

  • CNC wood router

  • Soldering iron and circuit tester

  • Sewing machines

  • Multiple 3D printers (Orion, TAZ 6, BoXZY)

  • Band saw, miter saw and drill press